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Noida Citizen Charter app - IT WORKS!

I came across this extremely useful app in a newspaper article. Noida Citizen Charter App is an initiative that both empowers and involves the citizens in well being of Noida. You can raise complains ranging from dead animal lying on the road, to construction debris thrown on road, to road having potholes and much more.
More importantly the response time is quick. If needed the authority also contacts you to get location details where the issue has been reported. In the end you also get a call confirming that request has been closed and if the complainant is satisfied.
I have tried this app twice - Once to get construction debris cleared from a major road near my office and second time to have a U-turn fixed which was in pathetic condition. Both the times the request was responded to quickly. I even got a call from JEE asking for exact location of U Turn as they were having trouble finding it.
Loved this initiative. Thank you Noida Authority.
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