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Movie Review - 99

Since there were no blockbuster hindi movies being released for past many weeks, and with the Delhi burning like an oven under the sun, me and Maggi opted to watch 99 (and the comfort of an a/c hall)..none of us had any expectation from this move..no we had one..that we wud b able to bear it for its entire duration...but when it started, we were so engrossed in it, that we dint even bother to talk to each other.

Kunal Khemu, Cyrus, Mahesh Manjrekar, Boman Irani and the don of Delhi (forgot his name)..all of them added excellent humour to the movie..the story though not original was superbly crafted.. the title 99 though is quite absurd (there s not much weightage behind it), but i must say the movie is refreshing, and definitely worth one watch..so people..go check it out.

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Ajay Reddy said...

"we dint even bother to talk to each other" - definitely a good movie then :P

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