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Book Review - In the company of Women

Finished this novel in 3 days (quite fast by my standards)...and that shud give u an idea of how much i liked this novel by Khushwant Singh.

There were a number of reasons for liking this novel:

1) The sexual escapades were very well neatly descibed, leaving little to imagination, and very much refreshing that those in Nancy Friday and Penthouse.

2) Liked the guts of the protagonist of this story-basically a biography-this guy (a handsome, well built divorcee from the upper class in Delhi) had the guts to publish an ad in leading Indian daily newspaper, seeking female companions for live in relationships-that too in a time when condoms were wore to prevent pregnancy and AIDS was quite unheard off.

3) And becoz of the end, which made me realise (again), that we live only once, and we shud value this one life.

Try to get ur hands on this one.

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