Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Task and Targets

Today i am going to talk abt tasks n targets..a consequence of the dad-son talk that happened when i went home last week.

I was learning car driving from dad (i knew a bit of it but needed solid polishing)..so i gave myself 5 days and set the target that i shud b confortable enuf to drive in mild traffic conditions. I achieved this target in 3 days, so for the rest 2 days i thought of chillin out and sleepin...but then my father came to me and said that now u r comfortable y dont u want to be perfect....better urself..i said that the target has been achieved so its ok..there is no need. then he said..the target has been achieved but the task is still incomplete..u r not a perfect driver yet, y do u wanna leave it for some other time.

And then i realised where the problem lied..i m setting targets and achieveing them but the task remains incomplete..i learned salsa but never got proficient enuf in it..same with swimming, prerparing for mba and for life as well...the larger issue never got addressed.

Tasks and targets..yup..i need to give it a lot of thought..hopefully it will bring abt a positive change in me..thanks dad.


meet_me said...

hmm :)
i got to learn from this dad-son talk!
tasks and targets .... hmmmm
i see

adi said...

very insightful
hopefully i'll be able to learn something from this
do keep us updated on ur progress.

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