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An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Kingfisher Class??!!!!!

Wht it takes to be a five star airline????? Well whatever it was, i m not sure if Kingfisher deserves to be one..i mean i found nothing special in it, nothing extraordinary...the service at airport ws 'normal', in flight entertainment experience just ok (they show only Zee serials which r so boring)...the food was too less in quantity...and tasted ok...nothing special. Air hostesses were ok...not too gud..Indigo has better looking ones ;) And if u compare the price, i wud say it ws definitely not worth it.
I hav travelled by Jet Airways, Jetlite, Air Deccan, Spicejet, Indigo, Indian and now Kingfisher as well, and must say that Indigo is by far is the best..always on time, good air hostesses ;) , gud service, economical..then comes Jet Airways..gud food, gud service at airport and in flight too...the worst have been Jetlite and Air Deccan.. Air Deccan (before Mallaya took it over) was like Sleeper class travel..dont know abt it now, as never tried it lately...Jet lite is the worst..they trick u with low priced tickets, then cancel the flights at last moment, and force u to fly on a jet airways flight which is at a much later time...i was supposed to fly from Delhi to Pune on a Jelite flight but they cancelled the flight at last minute, then asked us to board a Jet Airways flight for BOMBAY, which was after 2 hrs, and then flew us from there to Pune...the whole journey whicg is of 2 hrs, took 6 and 1/2 hrs :|

Overall, my ratings(on basis of value for money) r as follows (from best to worst):

Indigo > Jet Airways>Spicejet>Kingfisher>Indian>AirDeccan>Jetlite


Shankha said...


I had flew with Indigo sometime back and it was quite good.

I had commented on ur SP post but somehow it didn't get registered. Just wanted to tell u that there is something better in store for u. Did u apply to SP's PGDSM-MIT program? Also SP's PGPM admissions are open and the program is quite good.

Anyway, I'm sure you have planned/ are planning something good for urself.

All the best!

Keep commenting on my blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol! thank u :)
although won't b helpful to me ;)


Peenuts said...

Hi Shanka!

Yes i hav applied for MIT programme as well and awaiting results.

About "you have planned/ are planning something good for urself."..m not too sure abt that..hehehe :)

Take care

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