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Death By Water

Hellllooo…I came across this article in Times of India (editorial), and was quite baffled by the magnitude of the problem we are facing.

Thought I must share it with u all.


Thankfully the world has come to a realization, the realization that the progress we are making, is pushing us

towards our own doom.

Yes, the growing needs and demands, and the evergrowing human desire has come into conflict with the Mother Earth.

A consequence of which is Global Warming or in layman's words.."Climate Change".

The industrialised nations have finally acknowledged that they have created the problem, that they overused and

misused resources. But despite this fact, it is the developing countries where most of the preventive action needs

to take place. Beacause our economies are growing and using more energy and natural resources.

The reality is that Climate Change is everybody's problem, whosoever caused it. The dwindling polar ice caps and

melting Himalayan glaciers are no longer a work of our imagination. Its a stark reality. The ice caps are melting at

a rapid pace, rivers are drying up, and water has become a rare resource.

Delhi govt. is finding it hard to provide water for its citizens. Even florida, southern Australia, and western USA

(the richest regions of the world) have not been spared.

While India has taken the lead in providing quality software and now; manufacturing services, it must also take a lead

in finding solution to this environmental crisis. For this, Indian leaders require support of the masses. For many in

India and in the developing world, environmental crisis is mostly about water, and hence, this must take centre stage

to win support from India's masses. Solutions to this problem requires not only, innovation and investment but also

an awareness among people of the enormous challenge standing in front of us.

Only by making each one of ourselves accountable for the actions we take, we can face this threat, and this must be

done before we reach the Point of No Return.

Source: Times Of India, May 14 2007


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timora said...

yea i read this one too...scary ain't it. .maybe 50 yrs from nw we'll all drown...
btw tell me hw to drag n drop stuff onto the profile. n i sw tthe movie. .check the review

Reni said...

well, dats horrid....must try 2 live like the mermaids n mermans after a few yrs...

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