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18th Apr '07

Well..i shud have been writing this post yesterday, but i read yesterday's paper only today, so penning it down now :)

In India, sex is a 13 min affair

Thats wht the TOI, Pune front page newspaper reads...no i not going 2 talk abt sex, i am just expressing my shock at wht kind of irrelevant news are popping up these days and that too on front page..r v so short of Relevant Stuff?? No i am not againt the newspapers for being so upfront but something that used to be Times Life or Delhi Times stuff is now on front page..is it because there isnt much happening in this world anymore or is it that we have simply stopped bothering abt it.

While preparing for CAT i was asked to read The Hindu, and i am glad i came across it, for the sensible, reliable and relevant journalism it believes in, something which is becoming quite rare these days......Anyways..abt the topic ;) it says India is quite far behind in the world ranking. The onus now lies on us...hehehehhehehe

Come on India...dikhado :) :)

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