Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Meri Pehli Anniversary

Samay kitni jaldi beet jaata hai...ek saal.., aisa lagta hai ki jaisey kal hi to tha ki humney infy join kiya tha..the excitement of beginning a new phase of life, the excitement on recieving the first salary, wo naye dost banana, unkey saath ghoomney jaana.......wo Sterling main movie dekhna aur Orange pey khana khaaana..wo class main question poocha ;) aur beech beech main so jaana, wo DJ nites main jam kar dance karna aur thaak kar aakar AC chala key so jaana........jaisey kal hi to tha...

Hmmm..definitely miss those days..but then life moves on..well i wont say that my life @ hyd has been equally exxxxxcitinnnggg..but then mysore main jo masti maari..that more than compensates for that :)

Life gets busy and time flies away...many of us hav already left infy and for many..its on the cards..i know its difficult...difficult to keep in touch, difficult to keep contact..but then..world s a small place..aur ab to orkutting a jamanaa hai....hehehehheeh...

Hope 2 stay in touch.

Happy anniversary.

Happy orkutting ;)


P.s : TO our batch owner..ms. rashmi balakrishnan..hello mam..i dont know whether u wud b reading this blog or not..but i just want 2 say that its been wonderful to hav u as our batch owner..thank u

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