Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.



A friend of mine is getting married, and today is her last day at infy..i ws talking 2 her, and we went back to our training days..she ws my project partner aur main uski khoob kheecha karta tha...samay kitni jaldi beet jaata hai, and she has also moved on..wish her a happy married life..

par un dino ko yaad kiya, to yaad aaya ki kitnon sey saath chhoth gaya hai..in the beginning i felt bad, tried 2 keep in touch, but i guess they gt 2 busy..or may b i ws never that important for them..or may they found better people (the most probable option) and I also have changed myself..back to where i was 3 yrs ago..in my 2nd yr of coll, recreated those distances, pushed everyone beyond the boundary, now there are no expectations and now no more wl i b hurt..i hav become .. INDIFFERENT

I still remember th day when i told Alok.."U know wht i never giv up, no matter how far my friends are, they always come back"..unfortunately i ws proved 2 b terribly wrong, and now..even i hav joined his gang :( the gang of people who hav almost lost faith..

I hav experiened both phases..Kept my distance.. and then.. let down those barriers..the former s much better.

I know i wl b disappointing a lot of my friends, par main kya karoon..its hurts, hurts beyond control.........................

Its friendship day this weekend..a year ago i celebrated this day with gr8 enthusiasm..today this day holds little meaning 2 me.

I just want 2 say..that no matter wht happens, if u ever need my help, u dont hav 2 think twice, i wl always be there 4 u..bas bata dena yaaar..main koi shayar nahi jo aankhon ko padkey hi sab kuch pata laga doon ;)

jaatey jaatey..Happy Friendship Day

P.S.. it has been raining here for th whole day..and hyd has never looked more beautiful :|


meet_me said...

hmm, u know what?
u have nothing left if u leave faith, hope. Understanding the realities of this world n it's people is 1 thing and keeping faith is another. The people of this world aren't the ones u have to keep faith on urself.

"Karm karo fall ki chinta mat karo ... "

n well, being indifferent doesn't help either. What abt the people whom ur smile makes a difference ? What abt the people for whom ur presence, ur and even the feeling of togetherness matters??

So my friend, all I have to say is - U r a great friend ... Happy friendship Day.

It isn't how many friends u have that counts. It is how they are linked to u that matters. Take care

autumn said...

mujhe bhi shadi karni hai...... jaldi...........

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