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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Woken up from 'the' Slumber

I hav been losing my nuts and bolts day by day..Life s becoming monotonous, boring, I hav lost count of
days..forgotten the diff b/w a sunday and a monday........so much that i didnt realise i gt my ticket booked for a
monday and not a sunday..yeah u read it right...man its so embarassing :(I ws suppossed to leave on sunday and i did..even reached the station..but there i realised that i had gt my ticket
booked for monday, instead of sunday...man..i felt so sorry 4 myself..i reallly hav lost the count....i knew life ws
becoming a monotone, and i ws getting sleepy..losing my 'kick', but this ws a good blow b/w my legs ;) I just know
how 2 say it..so i m just writing all that s coming to my mind.
Huh............now i wl b leavin 2morrow.........Hope everything goes fine..and it will, because i am awake now, and this
incident wl nt let me fall asleep for a long looooooooonnggg time .


Prabh said...

hmmm interesting !
well thats the first word that comes to my mind wen i read this !

but rather than blaming it on the monotonicity and the rut u r stuck in .. i think its more to do with how u percieve things ...

been calm and chilled on the surface wen things aint too good.. is not that great a thing ... u need to have a vent somewhere so that u can slowly come out of that barrier if we shud call it ... right ?

happens loads of times.. i hv been thru it too .. wen the sense of time direction and lots of other things is lost !

but the ral thg is how u come out of it .. and not how long or short u stay in it ..

so .. !!!!!!

anyways i suggest .. get into some trance .. and that'll surely help to clear out the mess in yer head ... try prodigy and the chemical brothers to start with ... !

cheers !


meet_me said...

Well, why are u steering ur life that way??
U know, the surface of sea is often smoothe, bt there are millions of motions happening deep down inside...
N the sea lets them out once, in the form which is terribly wrecking...
Don't do that to urself.. let these things out as n whenever u can
Trust me, u don't wanna let that erupt as a volcano... it's way worse u would wanna think
U'll always find someone round the corner who wants to hear u, calm u down... ok???
U need to leave a tiny vent for it all to pour out...
Take care of urself... Take ur life in ur hands before it wants to sway away...
A lot of things are in our hands even if a few aren't
All the best

adi said...

n wat u call monotonous is so boring, events like these shud happen time to time in ur life... nahin to apne pota-potiyon ko kya sunayega, khak kahaniyan?

like i'll tell them wen once upon a day i roamed the streets of rohini in a torn pyzama. and by torn i mean, from hips to just above knee and blissfully unaware of all the stares following me.

ab main kya ro-un ya sar dhunu? maje kar dost, maje kar life mein...

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