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A tearful Farefell!

I ws feeling quite frustrated from quite some time, i thought life s not being fair 2 me, had been accusing it, cursing it, but i guess mine ws not even 1% of wht zidane wud hav felt. Coming back from retirement, and carrying expectations of millions of people on his shoulders..how tiring must that be, and then seeing ur dreams getting shattered, after putting in all u hav..is their anything more frustrating??

I cant imagine the height of tension, he must hav been going through..must b a LOT..becoz it really takes something to draw out such a violent reaction from one of the coolest players in Football history.

One day, the media is in all praise for this gr8, cherishing him, almost adulating him, and just one day after that..they r askin:SHOULD ZIDANE BE BLAMED.

My answer is NO, he should be blamed for anything, because whtever the end result ws, how cn we forget the effort that went into it.

In the end, Italy did manage to spoil Zidane's farewell party, they did play well, and deserved it.....

All i want 2 say 2 this genious is: F A R E W E L L
Still hope 2 c u back next World Cup.

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meet_me said...

Despite all that happened with Zidane, he's been honoured with the Golden Ball Award.. so all's well that ends well ...

N well, he might not return, but he'll be remembered for his absolute performances for 18 years ...

Aur waise media is the cause of a lot of things happening in our society these days .... Media sucks n life sucks cause of media ... Just in the race to show that there channel/paper/magazine is better than the rest, they hav all sorts of cooked up stories or heated stories.
N I hate that aspect of media when it comes to journalism ...

But at times we are just silent spectators...
Btw, Remember RDB ????

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