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An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


The Vieled Rebecca

Hmmm..finally i hav something 2 write abt, to share. yeah this weekend ws also suppossed 2 go as others, a bit "too predicatble" with classes and a movie or two..but luckily i escaped ot..thanks 2 some really boring classes that were schedueled this week (which i cud easily miss without any 'losses' and i did :) and to an exciting Sunday planned by my flatmates.. :)

So aisa kya kiya humney jo main boley hi jaa rahey hoon..poocho kya kya nahin kiya..lol

First of all I along with three of my flatmates went to The Salarjung Museum..its one of tha famous museums in India, having 4o rooms containing exquisite exhibits from Japan, China, Czech Republic which brought to India by the Nawabs of Hyderabad..40 rooms..man its something..chahltey chaltey watt lag gayi..from 'beautifulllll' Ivory ornaments, to Tutan Khamun's throne (yes it ws also there), to the most magnificent and breathtaking statue i hav ever seen..The Vieled Rebecca..This post shuld have been abt this beauty and only this one, but my apologies for mixing everything up.

Now how do i describe it in words when even a look at it is not enough to measure the degree of its beauty..Its a marble statue of a lady covered with a veil..so made that i for once thought that the veil covering her was a piece of cloth and not marble..just cudnt distinguish it..its as if th statue has life in it and a gust of wind will blow away the veil..its so full of life..wow..Imagine a lady in saree,and u can see the crease and wrinkles on it..all this the artist has shown on a piece of marble..simply breathtaking :)

well thats not all..then we went to a book market here (just like Nai Sarak of Delhi)..the four of us, bought eleven books among us ;)

Then we went to A mall here, uskey baad we went to a very famous temple here..its build at quite a height, so there s wind blowing at lot of speed and u reaally enjoy sitting on the stairs, enjoying the cool breeze blowing.. :)

hmmm..so my day ws quite a happening one..Hope u had a nice time too

Time 2 go


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adi said...

kar beta enjoy kar...
but kabhi kabhi hamara naam leke bhi raaton mein dar jaya kar...

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