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Aamir..hats off to him..unkey charan kahan hain..main unko dhona chahta hoon..and Kajol..she s looking stunning. She was always my favourite actress and wow..she s looking so beautiful in the movie :0 ) Even if the story had been Bekaar, i wud hav given 4 stars ..just for their acting, their chemistry and Weell..for the superb Shayari by Aamir- Kajol duo...Hum sab hall main taaliyan baja rahey they..kya shair marey hain yaar..ufffffffffffffffff :)

Now thats nt the end..the story s excellent..though 4 me it ws an overdose of emotions (my frend says..i hav become an emotionless person)..shayad wo sahi hai..ab to akeleypan ki aadat si ho gayi hai..log hain aas pass, par wo baat nahi hai..shayad main badal gaya hoon (I guess its time for retrospection..hehehhehehe) ..

My apologies for deviating from the topic..now I am nt going 2 tell abt the story ;) par there par two scenes..Jab kajol apney betey ko bulati hai (Both aamir and his son's name are same)..the reaction that shows up on Aamir's face..an absolute beauty..Lagta hi nahi ki wo acting kar raha hai..and then the last scene when Kajol Aamir ko Goli maarti hai..(hehehehehe..i had 2 tell this :) ..wow..wht a scene..

Hats Off..In two words..the movie s a MUST WATCH

Thats all 4 now



Anonymous said...

yeah, thanks a lot for that... :0

meet_me said...

Thanks for the review.. :)

Well, I think akelepan ki aadat kabhi nahi padhti..

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