Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


the seven things tag

Seven Things To Do Before I die

1)Earn enough money so that i cn provide my sister with best education and if possible,fulfill the dreams of my parents too.
2) to be able 2 attend the marriage of the one i love (i wont b able 2 marry her myself but i want 2 b a part of her happiness..wonder whether she wud invite me?)
3) To be a top-notch software engineer..so that i cn make my country proud of having a son like me
4) If time permits, to love someone and 2 b loved.
5)To set an example for others.
6)To be a good brother, a good frend, a good son, and a good human being
7) learn 2 swim, dance, surf, do parasaling, paragliding and every other possible and IMPOSSIBLE thing as well :)

Seven Things I can't Do

i Believe if there s somthing u cannot do..u cn always learn ;)
the seven things r:
1) i cant let go off my frends..sometimes i even throw away my ego, self-respect 2 save the realtionship
2)i just cant liv life just 4 the heck of it..i have 2 live 4 a purpose
3)i cant swim and dont know how 2 play lawn tennis..bt plan 2 learn both by year end
4)I cant Live 4 just one person..every one who comes in my life s so important 2 me..how do i choose just ONE??
5)i cant give up..whatever the situation
6)I cant forget my past..nt for the bad things that happened, but for so many happy moments i had and for so much i learned..both from my gud as well as bad experiences
7)Stop being "in touch"..for me the world will always be a small place

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mate

1) She shud b smart in the way she carries herself.
2) sensible in the way she talks and feels .
3) She shud b frank..more than i am..itna ki mujhe bhi sharam aa jaye :)
4) she shud hav the guts 2 kick my ass if she feels i m wrong.
5)she shud inspire me 2 better myself every moment of my life .
6) most of all we shud hav a mutual liking 4 wht we are and wht v want 2 b .
7) She shud b better looking than I am..hahahhaah..i guess that shud qualify almost everyone ;)

Seven Books I Loved

1) Da Vinci Code ..Dan Brown s tooooooooo gud
2)The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho
3) Who Moved My Cheese
4)If Tommorow Comes (i am nt sure of the name) by Sydney Sheldon..in fact the only book by Mr.Sheldon which i like.Its abt too conmen..
5) A science fiction novel i read long time back..dont ask me the name ;)
6)Five Point Someone..the character Neha so much resembles the ONE
7)hmmmmmmmmmm..this one is yet 2 b found

Seven Things I Say
3)o fuck!
4)hero banega..hain..hainnnnnnnn :)
7)[bas six hi hain]

Seven Movies I've Loved
--leaving out this part 4 the timebeing

Seven People To Tag
2)Meri wali miss anonymous :)
4)hmmm..dont know many who blog..so wl keep on adding

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