Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.



hellooooooo..this post of mine is long due...........and i have been facing a time crunch lately (yes..i hav been busy :) so cudnt write in earlier..i cnt even recall wht i wanted 2 write..hmmmm..let me think...................................................

well yesterday i called up one of my frends (who happens 2 b a gal)..she sounded very sad..i asked her wht ws the matter but she started making stories..this really pissed me off and i said .."ok if u dont want me 2 care abt it, i dont giv a damn" and suddenly she opened up..............a guy proposed her, infact wo uskey peechey hi pad gaya tha..it ws like if u cnt b my gf then i dont want u as a frend either.She said all this made her sick and hate herself 4 being a girl............

huh..well i know its quite 'upsetting' when such sort of thing happens but then i also feel she s quite lucky..y??because she has atleast someone who s mad abt her.

I m 22, wl b 23 next year and so on..and sometimes when i analyse myself i think..kya mai itna bekaar hoon ki no one wants 2 b in love with me..somethimes i really feel desperate 4 love, 2 b in love and 2 b loved..huh but i guess thats nt my Cup Of Tea after all.
pata nahi jab mera janaaza niklega to char kandhey dene waaley hongey bhi ya nahin.

ufff main phir shuru ho gaya..if vandy wud hav read this, she wud hav kicked my butt (vandy was the host of fm show to which i used 2 write in..PAC.Whenever i sounded gloomy she wud shake me hard, bring me out of my gloominess and get me going..thanks vandy)

by the way..i wanted 2 tell u that i hav been alloted a project..after 2 months of wait..its a small one though in data warehousing bt m liking it and specially the team i m working it..its full of fun n enthusiam..wish me Luck.



meet_me said...

sure this post matches my profile... bt let me tell u, u sure hav friends, a family, which loves u alwyas....i know life gives u hard thoughts at times, bt it is all ok in the end...keep trying... n keep smiling... u know, i ve been trying.!! n i hope u do that too...
take care...
life is too short to love...(n worry too )

autumn said...

all i wanna do tode is to think about my new project....n njoy a new autumn...a heartless autumn.

all of a sudden people around me keep talking of love,n iam not feeling anything.

a stone......iam....
can anything turn me back to a living being....one hu can feel.feel any damn thing on this earth....love,hate,pain,happiness,

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