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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.



i hav been busy , really busy ,so much that i kept on pushing the thoughts i had 2 a
corner..but then i read shadows blog and i felt ........ i watched Rang De Basanti..the first part as u all know ws mast, ekdam bindaas,
reminded of the masti i had (plz dont laugh..i hav had my share of fun..)And the second part left me confused..i just didnt know how 2 react..wht did the movie want
2 convey..wre they tryin 2 say that the system has gt corrupted and if u want 2 change it, u
cn end up pretty much th same. many said that it has caused a spark and 2 make it a fire
..is upto us..If so..i didnt feel any..i felt disappointed that they all ended up in such
way, even a bit discouraged and also disappointed by their style..its nt my nature 2 b
violent (i m nt sayin i m mahatma gandhi) but then hw do i show my patriotism..how do i
change the system..know ht i guess i hav found the answer..
TEn years down the line i want 2 b a top notch software engg, adding wealth of knowledge to
treasure of this country , to b a gud human, to set an example, if possible; to inspire
others and to make life the life of people around me a better one..so that my country cn feel proud..so that i cn feel proud.
i know its nt easy, bt its something i wl liv 4.
RANG DE BASANTIiiiiiiiiiiiiii
P.S: adieus mr murthy..i feel u hav made that difference..hats off sir.


Anonymous said...

u know u hav a ver good dream to help this country..to be able to gic it what it needs honestly and being an example of others...hope u remember that dream 10 yrs down the line and keep on that promise to ur country....i can only hope that u dont get lost in thz worldly things

shadows said...

hey nuts
u know it hit me in another way...though they ended up dying i felt it was more abt the way they tried..they did try initially peacefully dint they?..yeah it was a bit unrealistic the way the police hit on them wen they were just protesting ,but we can probably pardon the script coz they have to have a lil drama in the picture, but tell me how would u react if such a situation comes?ur friend dies like that...ur friend who was a martyr was just thrown mud upon..ur friends mother who is already so hurt by her sons death been hit upon...
also i wanted to say...not every film picture or play has a moral or a msg...it may be just seen as a piece of art...why do u blog..to teach something to someone? no na? u just do it coz u feel a certain thing or situation or day went this way..u just tell a story or ur thoughts...dont u think the director might have done the same...just potrayed what he feels abt something...
.the system is corrupt u have to agree and what the film did put through was that we also are part of the system.we are the system...we do change it we do make it AND WE CAN BREAK IT....
we are not going to go anywhr if we kill all of them..yes i agree...but we have to get into the system....
do u nkow how many times u will be ground in the system before u can get to the top notch..it is even possible that u become one of them..i can say this coz i have been thr done that...been in the system and been killed over and over just bcoz i dint wanna be one of them....and i realised that if i ever wanna make it big i have to behave like a bitch....if not be one myself.....
its difficult to be a honest man and go ahead in the system...my father is leaving his job whr he loves coz of the books and going off coz the "system" doesnt agree with his honesty and bluntness to a situation...i can see the stress on his face for not being able to fight back
thats y the movie hurt me....coz i feel i should fight back what is unfair....anyway possible....

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