Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Life ek Timetable

hmmm..i come to office, work, study..play in the evening, hav dinner, then again study a bit, watch tv and go to sleep..weekends r fun, going out 4 masti, sight seeing, movies..m barely able 2 sleep more than 6 hrs a day (life has become that busy)..but moreover it has become a timetable..the excitement is missing and wht ever s left, its diminishing day by day..i dont know wht shud i do..but m trying.Its nt that i m nt liking my work..i m learning a lot.I have joined a no of contact classes also which i like a lot..but something is missing, something very important..n y m saying so..because these days i have to make an effort, even if i hav 2 smile

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Anonymous said...

missing someone lately, dear?
ms. anonymous

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