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Ghantaa demonitization effect

This Sunday I had gone to to watch Dangal at a mall in a NCR mall. This review however is not about the movie but about what I had to endure before and after watching the movie. Since demonitization newspapers have been full of how businesses have been effected and sentiment has gone down.
Well either they are misreporting or it doesnt stand true anymore coz the mall was jampacked..literally. Thr was not a space to stand aaram sey. Every restaurant was filled to capacity with many more standing in line.
This can partially be becoz NCR has adopted digital payments in a big way (Even my bread wala and sabzi wala accept Paytm). However whatever be the end reason it certainly seems that demonitization hangover is over atleast in cities.
What now needs to be seen is if any benefit got accrued from it.

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