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Zomato Feedback -Features i like and wud love to see

Hi Zomato

I have using your site since a long time now. I had some feedback points in mind and this contest provides the perfect opportunity to express them:

Three feature I like..infact I LOVE:

1) Menus - Till date i havent come across a listing for which i have been unable to find the menu. I use your site for pretty much all my restaurant searches. and the menus are immensely helpful.

2) Zomato is updated ahead of other foodie sites - Again it hasnt happened with me yet that i call up a listing found on Zomato and the number turns out to be incorrect or not in use. Kudos to Zomato team for keeping the site so up to date.

3) Editor reviews & ratings - Seeing editor reviews and ratings helps me make up my mind while deciding whether to visit a restaurant or not.

Three areas of improvement:

1) Title for reviews - I love to give short and crisp titles for my reviews - Please let me do the same on Zomato.

2) Ability to upload photo albums - Apart from writing about what i ate i also like to click pics of the food and restaurant. Would love to see a feature that would let me upload my food albums on Zomato.

3) Ratings should be broken down - Write now users can give only a cumulative rating. It unfortunately doesnt give a very accurate picture. I would prefer that user's be allowed to rate each aspect - such as service, ambiance, food, variety of menu etc. That should give a more wholesome idea about the place and the user's experience too.

If you are wondering what this is about, Zomato - the famous and trusted foodie site of India is going for a project upgrade and has asked its users for feedback. To know more click here

Have you been using Zomato too? If yes, what feature would u like to see?

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