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Anna Hazare in Mayur Vihar

Was on my regular morning jog in the usually quiet neighborhood of Mayur Vihar till I reached Supreme Enclave. A few days back I had seen a few tv channel vans outside it which made me wonder what was happening but then I forgot about in the daily hustle bustle of life. 

Today the entire stretch around Supreme Enclave apartment was jostling with Policemen, Police Gypsies, TV channels, reporters and people –so much that it was hard to find space to walk around. On enquiring the reality dawned upon me. Anna Hazare was here – and as promised on his way to start his fast – before police intervened and arrested him.

A few minutes before I reached the place Anna was taken away by police officers. While I rue the fact that I missed seeing such a great personality who has set the nation’s imagination and determination on fire, I also rue the high handedness shown by the Government. As has been quoted at endless places, this act completely shows the government is in no mood to talk or listen and willing to do what it takes to get their way. Infact they seem to be in mood to win the next elections. Instead of winning people’s confidence they are doing everything to destroy it – first the scams, and now the brazen handling of people who want to fight corruption.
I have been a staunch supporter of the progress brought about by UPA but if things continue like this UPA is surely on its way to lose my vote.

Note – Delhi Police after coming in for criticism for its handling of Baba Ramdev’s rally, seemed to be displaying restraint today. None of the police officers were holding lathis or any other riot prevention gear.

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