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Review - Pyaar ka Punchnama

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Pyaar ka Punchnama sounded like just another love story/love triangle(s). Adding to that a completely unheard of star cast made the movie even less appealing. So I decided to give the movie a miss without even bothering to read its reviews.

But whoever (refers to guys only) saw the movie was in awe of it. Read good reviews about it on FB, heard good reviews about it from my colleagues so finally changed my mind and went to see this movie.

And the verdict – The movie indeed is iconic. A critic on the women of 21st century – Pyaar ka Punchnama is a  story of three guys being tormented at the hands of women in their lives. What makes the movie click so much is its closeness to reality - Liquid’s frustration with the life as a software engineer, Rajjo’s tryst with a Live In relationship and witnessing the ugly side of it, Vikrant’s fascination with a woman who was never his and among all the mess – the bonding between the guys – who stand for each other is testing times.

The movie is superb. The story, the star cast, the acting, everything just gels together and keeps u hooked. Of the three characters showed in the movie I believe many of us would identify with one or the other – and it makes you introspect, and realize the foolishness and helplessness of the situation you were/are still in.

My Rating 4/5 (Awesome) - A MUST WATCH. And the song – ‘Ban gaya Kutta by Mika’ – just loved it.

One of the best scenes of the Movie:


Arti said...

Its always a nice feeling when things turn out good unexpectedly! Glad you liked the movie, sounds like a worth watch.. Many thanks for the review:-)

Peenuts said...

@Arti - You r welcome :)

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