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How to file complaint for Malfunctioning Streetlights in Delhi

Jannhit main Jaari

If you happen to live in Delhi then you must be quite used to the 'case of non functional streetlights' in your area.
I was also quite used to it untill i finally decided to stop being ignorant and do something about it. I googled about this issue and found that  BSES Yamuna provides a facility where in you call their customer care number and register your complaint about the malfunctioning streetlight along with some details about its location. And thats it..the streetlights are fixed within 48 hours.
The customer care number is 011-39999808. Dial '2'-'1'-'2' to talk to a customer service representative and file your complaint.

Hope this Helps


Purba said...

Missing street lights, bad roads, blocked drains...too many to list :)

But thanks for sharing this valuable piece of info...Will forward it to my friends in Delhi.

Peenuts said...

Welcome and Thank u :) Hope the info wud be of use.

Sonam said...

Thanks a lot ya!Just registered a complaint...had been bothering me for months now and finally I googled:)

amol dutta said...

i have complaint 4 times but there is no one to repair this

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