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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Relationships & more..

All around me relations are going through a tough time. A couple is having a tough time convincing their parents of their love, another one also going through a similar fate. Yet another one has failed to withstand the tests of time. All around me relationships are crumbling under pressure, some have already crumbled but a few have emerged victorious. Why is it that some relations are able to withstand the tests of time while many give in?

Over time I can easily compare relationship to a piece of rock. We hold on to our relationships like u hold a piece of rock firmly in your hands, but under the pressure the rock gradually disintegrates, turns into sand and slips out of your hands. Relationships also seems to suffer a similar fate. What causes the relationships to crumble? Is it the lack of love? Is it our hectic lifestyles that leave very little time for feelings? Is it that we erred in choosing the ‘right’ person?

And while I am seeing so many relations crumble, I have also seen relations going strong even after 25 years! Aren’t those people happy? How did they manager to tag along for so long? Imagine – 25 years of same person??
We don’t get bored of our parents or siblings even though we don’t choose them, then why do we get fed up of people we ourselves choose to be with?


How do we know said...

Love is like the sand in your hand.. if you clutch your fist and hold it tight, it will surely fall through the cracks. But if you open your palms and share it with the sun, it will burn your hands, but it will stay there.. thats my one line wisdom on relationships. There is no one formula. No reason why some people live together and some people dont. Its a long, long topic.
Endnote: Living together is not the same thing as being in a successful relationship. Sometimes, you part ways in the physical world and yet, have a stronger connect than you do with the people in your house. Sometimes, you share a house, a bedroom, common jokes, mutual friends, but not your souls.

Its a BIG topic you've touched upon here.. a small post and long comment cant do justice to it.. how about you post the stories that you see around you, and then we talk about them.. not to judge them, but to learn from the circumstance to be a better person. You cant depend on change in the other person in a reln. You can only decide whether you want to change, or leave. And stories around us teach us about ourselves, help us improve ourselves as human beings..
End of Gyaan session.

Peenuts said...

Thank you for the gyaan session :)

Well i agree that there is no formula but there must be some common trend..that u or some one else might have witnessed.
One reason that i have seen behind failed marriages is society - The guy or girl are not keen to get married but are forced to - resulting in total lack of will to adjust - and hence...
Have you witnessed any such trend too?

I have a lot of stories to share. I wonder how good i am at story telling but surely with come up with some :)

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