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Movie Review - The Social Network

I hav 239 friends on facebook, but when i wanted to go see the Social Network with someone, i cudnt find any, so had to go watch it alone - Ironical, isnt it? More interesting is the fact that i wasnt the only one who had come alone to watch the movie. 2 seats beside me there was another guy sitting alone. He asked me r u alone too, and then we thot - y not watch the movie together instead :P

Social Network is a movie based on Mark Zukenrberg, the founder of Facebook, and what a movie it is. Mark u rock, and despite the fact i hate facebook (because though i got to be intouch with my long last pals, i could never really connect with them, infact it has only increased the distance with my near ones, who now prefer posting on their walls than hanging out), i love your idea behind facebook. The movie is captivating and total paisa vasool. Its the kind of movie, i had been waiting for long, and it truly deserves 5/5 stars.

Btw, did u know - Facebook is worth 25 billion dollars and it was called The Facebook earlier.


How do we know said...

nice review.. will go watch it myselfnow.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :)

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