Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Slapped on the Face

An whopping increment of 4% after 2 yrs of slogging - willingly and unwillingly - thats what i got today.

Feeling insulted, feeling like i have been slapped and told that i m here not because i am wanted in the company but because i m too unwilling to find another job.

If you ask me wht wud i have done with if i had got a better increment or atleast what i expected (8% atleast), well i wud have felt that i m still reqd here, that after 3 yrs i hav spent here m not disposable, that switching jobs is not the 'theme' these days, and that things might be bad but they will hopefully get better soon.

But that was not to be.

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