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Travelling from Delhi to Gurgaon

Its been six months since i came back to Delhi, and i have been traveling from my home in East Delhi to Gurgaon ever since. Having tried all possible modes of transport - Metro, Bus, Auto, Shared Cab, here i am consolidating my experience.

Route 1DayYamuna Bank to Jhandeywallan (By Metro)Metro Station to Karol Bagh Bus stop+Wait time for BusKarol Bagh to Shankar Chowk (By Bus)Shankar Chowk to Sec 21 (By Shared Auto+Walk)Total Time
Time (in mins)Mon25105020105
Time (in mins)Tue2510401590
Time (in mins)Wed2510401590
Time (in mins)Thu25106020115
Time (in mins)Fri2510401590

Route 2DayYamuna Bank to Dwarka Sec 9 (By Metro)Metro Station to Bus Time + Wait time for Bus/Shared CabDwarka Sec 9 to Kapashera Border (DTC or Feeder Bus or Shared Cab)Kapahera Border to Sec 21 (Shared Auto or Walk)
Time (in mins)

I have tried two routes so far and eagerly await to try the third - East Delhi to Ggn by the Gurgaon Metro Line.                     


autumn said...

what is wrong with you...you making tables and charts for these nonsense things and just forgetting where to smile in life and how to make a warm gesture in six months to please a loved one !! USELESS !

How do we know said...

ummm... why dont u just take a metro upto Dwarka and then an auto?
The other route is to take metro upto rajiv chowk and then auto upto Qutub MInar, and then metro from there?

Peenuts said...

@ How do we know - FYI: Delhi autos are not allowed to ply in Gurgaon. Also going to Dwarka and then to Gurgaon takes more time (Check route 2).
Regarding Qutab Minar route- that is again seems to be a costlier and more time consuming option.

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