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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Friendship Day

Dated : 2nd August 2009, Friendship's day

With each passing year, as i grow busy in my own life, as frends become more and more distant, as phone calls give way to occasional scraps on orkut and facebook, this day seems to lose its relevance. Till last year i made it a point to wish everyone by sending a mail, this time i dint even bother to do that.

However despite this lack of feelinglessness towards this day, i still managed to celebrate it more grand way than i ever did.

I, as a part of Community Relations programme, have been going to a NGO run school whre we teach kids from 6th to 10th on weekends. This time it was decided to give them a break and celebrate frendship's day with them. And it ws fun, much more than aimless hanging around and window shopping that i , otherwise, wud have been doing.

From playing hulahoop, musical chair, kabaadi to having lunch with them, it was a very nice experience, though a very tiring one too. And i was glad that the students have been spared this rout by 'internisation', and instead of wasting time in chatrooms they spend time, holding each other hands, playing with each other.

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