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August Rush

Dated:Sunday, 26th July 2009

It was another lazy Sunday afternoon..me and Mayank were enjoyin th rain from the confines of our window sill, and watching movies on lappy. First one was Shortkut - the Con is on : A horribly terrible movie, 2nd was Kambhaqt Ishq which was just Ok..by this time it was already 9 in the night, and after two disappointing movies, i wanted to go to sleep, rather than risk another movie. But Mayank insisted on watching another one - August Rush.

For the first 15 mins it was hard for me to keep my interest in the movie, but then i simply i got lost in it, in the swell of the emotions that the movie had. Its arguably one of the best and one of the most touching movies i have seen till date.

August Rush, is a movie about a child prodigy, a 'seperated' family bound together only by music, and how music eventually brings them all together.

A must watch.

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