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Men and Multitasking!!

I was making upma for myself today, and trying to clean kitchen shelf simultaneously, but unfortunately i ended up burning the upma. Its not a problem that only i face, but many others of my fraternity experience the same problem..we guys, are simply not able to multi task efficiently..unlike women e.g. my mom, who goes about doing all the household chores, at the same time - washing, cleaning and cooking..wow!! Even autumn is very good at it.

Is it that the we men are so focussed, that we are unable to multitask, or is the God has made the other sex better than us when it comes to this skill?


Anonymous said...

i liked this post... i think we're the best :D :p

~ Chunky

How do we know said...

i think u got it pat in the last sentence.. men can read maps better, and women can multi taks better :-)

Peenuts said...

@ Chunky:Hey i never said that..ohkk!!

@ How do we know: Agreed..very much agreed

Anonymous said...

umm, i ALSO read maps better than a lot of my (guy) friends here :p

~ Chunky

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