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Delhi6 with Kids

Hi all,

A day outing was organized for 100+ kids from Annapurna yesterday wherein they were taken to movie at Adlabs, Chinchwad. There were fun games organized for these kids by Adlabs management. Shows of Delhi 6 and Billu were screened. The kids were really enthralled to see their favorite bollywood stars on big screen. We thank everyone who made this event possible."

M proud to say that I am a part of Amdocs CSR Team..its been quite some time that me and autumn have been going there and teaching kids (maths to 9th class), and its been a real challenge..considering the fact out of 15 students, 5 dont know the basics, and 5 dont have even their foundations strong in maths (they are not able to even multiply correctly). The efforts have been there, the results, unfortunately have been almost negligible.

Their exams start on 25th March..i wonder how many of them will pass..but next year i want to come out with a plan, which is feasible and yet useful for the kids.

I guess i m not making sense...m making a ppt on this plan..will put it here for review..till then..any ideas are welcome


Shankha said...

Great Work!!

How r u?

Peenuts said...

In one word .. "Better" :)

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