Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.



Nidhi bhi gurgaon jaa rahi hai...i ws surprised, infact shocked when i got 2 know that...aisa nahi hai ki hum bahut baatain kartey hain..infact we hav never met outside ofc..but then i ws counting on the fact ki atleast wo aur uska 'frend' to honga hi pune main ..for a while..ab wo bhi jaa rahey hain..

My time period for stay in Pune has already expired..par still m here...sabko kehta rehta hoon ki wil b leaving from here soon..par lagta hai ki main hi reh jaunga aur baki sab nikal lengey :

I chose to stay..am i happy with that decision..?? To a large extend..yes but somewhere in my heart their is a little regret...a feeling that i shud hav moved on..things haven't turned out the way i wanted them to..but things havent been too bad either..
Jab infy main tha to 24*7 work life sey pakk gaya tha..wanted time for myself..now that i have time for myself...a gud personal life..i want challenges..ab challenges hongey to personal life ki to watt lagegi naa..tabhi to they r called 'Challenges'...

Sahi kehtey hain...'door key dhol suhavney lagtey hain' ..chetan said ki while doing his MBA he realised that he shud appreciate whatever he is doing...other wise he wil never feel happy..
I realise this fact..but m not able to implement it...

Mood of the day - Unsatisfied

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meet_me said...

that's the thing with humans... :) we knoww a lotttt of stuff ... bt we're just scared of putting it into practice ... we just are..

but yea, the purpose of life is to be happy... that's all that matters ... always
i think a couple weeks back i wrote about something like that .. do check it out, if u haven't already.
n no, u r not a loser... it's like there's always a better side of things that we fail to see at the moment. and for u, u r not able to see clearly at this point of time. everyone has their days of not being able to see clearly ... n everyone comes out as well :)
n yes, some ppl like to claim they didn't come out.. we're veryyy powerful in what we want to do with ourselves....
i hope u'd get satishfaction :)
take care of urself... if u need me, u know where to find me :)

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