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Main aur Meri Tanhayee@Shopping

Dated:21st July 2008

The dreaded time had finally come..the time when i hav so less clothes left, that i barely manage to put up 5 different sets of clothes for ofc..had tried shopping with Autumn, but she got pissed off..with 'my style' :P So decided to go shopping with 'meri tanhayee'.Went to Pyramid after ofc..reached there at 8:15 PM. The watchman told me that i had just 45 mins left before the store closed, and within those 45 mins i bought 2 t-shirts, 2 shirts and a pair of jeans...wowwwwww...2800 worth of shopping in a cool 45 mins...a record for me :)
I had 3 sets of clothes to be tried in one hand and 3 sets in the other hand...all being tried at one go..some speed must say..Finally managed to get something for me...something that atleast looks gud...(whether it looks gud on me is an altogether different dimension)
Shopping with tanhayee s not that bad after all :)

P.S: Aaj main nayi shirt pehen key ofc gaya aur kisi ney notice bhi nahi kiya :(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol... that ws so cute :-)
i think with guys no one really notices :P

- MM

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