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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Ek aur kahani..autumn ki zubaani

Pushkin wants me to write for his blog. Once again. Seems to be really busy these days.

But, considering the series of disappointments tht I hv been greeting him wid, I wonder what to write!

And thus he grants me the permission…..” ur wish! M used to getting disappointed…don’t worry abt me.”

Was really confused as to wat should I be writin n just then remembered how Autumn used to never sleep without Pushkin telling her a story. Every night. Pushkin used to storm his brain to search for a nice story and thru these stories, he tried to discuss matters with her, tht in sm lonesm times, disturbed him... Similarly, even she told him certain stories, with fictional names.

Today autumn has another story to say….

Once upon a time, there was a girl Priya. In her late thirties, she was still single.
No marriage. No boyfrend., belonging to a sikh family, settled in Bombay. Associated with one of the leading brands in qualitative research for more than a decade now.
But, there was much more than this to this chirpy gal.

There are so many stories around me these days, tht I didn’t know which one to tell and which to not. There are stories of shattering affairs, happy infidelities, heartbreaks, casual affairs, pain n depression, success n joy……but this is s the 1 I chose….

Yes! Coming back to Priya. She’d been in this office for a long time now, and had sm really cool pals here. Charming old guys, tht knew exactly how to sweep women off their feet. Handsome dudes at their chivalrous best. Some heart stealing women, who seemingly made good frenz with her. But, after so much of experience she was still being underpaid. Really underpaid.

The same company has recruited ppl from our college with a CTC of 35 grands pm.
Thus paying Priya anything less than this is an insult to her.

She never cribbed because she thought she was being in company of good ppl. But things began changing even before she realized.. Her frenz were not really her frenz. She had nobody to confide in..

And her single status; societal pressure led her to ask for help. ( I m just presuming what would hv led to what. Just trying to join the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make a complete picture. But m sure m close)

She was now a regular to her Doc, a little disturbed n VERY chirpy. Must say, she s a gem. At least seems to be. And she s the one who should be a bitch; needs to be a bitch.

“Be a Bitch”…Pushkin’s latest suggestion to me.

Seems to be out of his senses!! n he’s still on his word.

Tough thing to do. Don’t wanna do it either.

But this lady surely needs to be 1 HOT BITCH!

One of her close frenz had been playing smart with her n eventually she lost sm of her very good frenz at her workplace. No promotions, no frenz, no confidant…just more of medicines, n her Doc visits. She had all the reasons to be pissed off n swear !

A honey intern gave her the space to share and just blurt out all tht she felt at losing her longtime buddies to her so called good frend. Office politics made her think of resigning…

Facing the sea with her 1 evening…I just felt like hvin Pasta n asked her abt good restaurants in here. She suggested one, just 10 mins away from here…’Under The Banyan Tree.’ (Btw, this happens to be Worli)

Just then she received a call from “Bandhu” telling her abt another frend. This other frend had found sponsors for his cancer treatment after a lot of efforts by many. She wanted to party with Bandhu now .

Coming back to where Priya s today. She’s sweet and really lively, loving…..but what she wants out of life, she doesn’t know. Can’t shift job, coz her designation, experience, and package are a serious mismatch…thus making her of no use in research. Shifting her field altogether is an option tht she s reluctant to exercise.

Her intern would walk out of this office soon and there would be no tracks of her anymore.

She s sick, with nothing in life to talk abt. She just loves dogs. Sits at the seaside, with her sandals in her hand, wearing really ethnic anklets. She needs smbody !!

And Autumn will remember it as an incomplete

Wonder if I hv more important things on my mind.

No serious work at office. Y m I here in the first place?

Wish to go to Haji Ali today. Will we?

Mom’s operation is due…will I be able to fly down to Delhi to be with her??

Or is it the new extra marital at honey’s workplace??

Or is it the new compliment from amit…” u don’t write. U just sit at the keyboard and bleed”?

How was Abhinav’s experience in jail as well as court yesterday? Saying, “haan mujhe gunahh kubool hai”? ;)

Who would be selected as the protagonist for new saas bahu serials??

All of them in Yatin’s auditions were sexy!

Where is Ram Deo Productions?? I want meet my dedicated producer?


Things are not as they ideally should be. Frendships should be strong to survive such things, your happiness is your choice n not a imposition, change your job, shift fields and blah blah………

Said n done are different !

None of this s the concern at hand. She needs help. Thts all I know.

I know some ppl might think I should not be talking all this stuff abt ppl’s personal matters here, etc.etc.

They might be right. But there are a lot of things tht I want to do, but can’t. Speaking out my heart, is not one of them, as of now.

Hope to tell u another story sometime again. Perhaps a more masala story next time ! J


meet_me said...

hey autumn, beautiful...
it's actually nice to see the shifts that go on in the story!

aMyth said...

I think I was true, just look at the words, even they are red :p... like blood!

Rupesh said...


initially i found it inetresting.. but i feel its incomplete.... where is priya?


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