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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Restaurant Reviews - Contd..

Garden of Eden, Kharadi

Food : Gud
Service : Gud
Ambience : Superbbbbb
Crowd: Mind Blowing..very very Hot :)

Girls were roamin in Minis to Micro minis and we all had our tongues drooling ..lolz...i know this is a very 'vulgar' explanation but thats the way it was..heaven for singles ;)
Ambience ws good...they hav a sort of a tree house option....plus a DJ plays on fridays..
But its costly...infact among the expensive restaurants in Pune..cost us 400 per head.

Firangi Pani, Shivaji Nagar (Model Colony)

Its an Indo-Italian restaurant, where u cn order Italian food..if u like 2 experiment..else stick to normal Indian food.

Food :Strarters are Ok..Main course is Bad
Service : Gud
Ambience : Ok..the area s quite small..infact a bit congested
Crowd: We were the only people in the restaurant :(

Liked the Honey Chilly Potatoes for starters. then we ordered Italian food..which was too bad..i mean either the Italian food is like this (i found it quite tasteless), or they prepared it very badly.

Rahul, Aundh

Food :Ok..the menu looks quite 'attractive' with a variety of options, but taste is just Ok.
Service : Slow
Ambience : Ok..
Crowd: Ok

I wud say its just another restaurant..cudnt find anything special to mention abt it.

Sand Cheese Garden, ABC Farms, Koregaon Park
(Not sure if i spelled the name correctly)

Undoubtedly one of the worst restaurants i have been too. I went there to celebrate farewell party of a friend leaving for US..and since this
restaurant was so horrible...mujhe bahut gaaliyan padi :(

Food :Bad, tasteless
Service : Pathetic....the waiter was tryin to be a smart ass, and irritating as well..and that applied to other waiters there well.
Ambience : Open air, nothing to cheer about.
Crowd: Too bad..there was only one more group apart from us in the whole restaurant..

In short, buri tarah kaat gaya :|

11 East Street Cafe, East Street,Pune

Food :Decently Gud..Had non veg only which was gud but then nothin special
Service : Gud..lil bit slow..but considering the crowd we were..it ws Okkk.
Ambience : Tooooooooo Gud...i mean its one of the best places i have been too (look wise), and thats a real compliment. Very innovatively planned
Crowd: Gud..hot chicks from India and abroad made the huge bill worth it :)

In one line,...this place is among the best restaurants in Pune..definitely worth a visit.

Magnolia - Thai and Chinese Cuisine, Aundh, Pune

Food :Gud..specially the fish starters. Quanity was fulfilling, which is quite rare in Pune restaurants.
Service : Gud..We had gone on a weekday..so there wsnt much crowd.
Ambience : Gud..nice and cosy
Crowd: No comments

Overall worth a visit..the place ws gud, cosy..food gud and not very expensive either.

Green Park, Baner Road, Pune

Food :Ok..veg was gud..we ordered Fish tikka, which costed 230 bucks and had only 8 VERY small pieces..daad bhi geeli nahi hui :(
Service : Slow..too slow
Ambience : Gud..We sat in the open air part...cool breeze was blowing which added to the feel gud effect.
Crowd: Gud..infact too crowded..we had too wait almost 40 mins before we got a place to sit.

In short, its tooo expensive.

Carnival, Near ABC Farms, KP, Pune

Food :Ok..not gud..just OK...
Service : Quick...efficient
Ambience : Gud..The whole place is divided into huts..givin u lots of privacy..ideal for a group party.
Crowd: Gud..

The restaurant is quite cheap..i mean economical..we were 10 people and it cost us just 1900 in all..We also played antakshari...so it ws quite fun..worth visiting.

Koyla, FC Road

Food :Food is nice..tandoori chicken was good
Service : Quick...efficient
Ambience : The restaurant is quite small in size...but the ambience is nice..ghazals playin, quiet environment..not a place where u can do hulla gulla..more suited to format get togthers.
Crowd: Ok

Tareef, Aundh

Food :Had tandoori chicken which was gud..non veg main course was also gud, but veg wasnt..had makai mushroom..which wasnt good
Service : A bit slow
Ambience : Very small resturant, though they have to tried to make it look as classy as possible..still dint enjoy the ambience much
Crowd: Ok

One of the undeserving yet expensive resturants i have ever been to.

Post 91, Koregaon Park

Went there for team lunch..opted for the buffet option, which costed us 375 per head (including taxes).
This included unlimited beer/mocktail, 2 veg/non veg starters, 2 veg/non veg gravies (punjabi style), two continental gravies, a variety of rice, salad and desserts..not bad for the no of varities..but food was not fingerlicking..wud tate it 6.5/10.
Service : Fast
Ambience:Nice ambience. The restaurant is really impressive from outside.
Crowd:Hep and happening :)

Not Just Jazz By The Bay, E-Square

Initially we were disappointed because we were the first to enter the restaurant..may b coz it was holi (it was past 8:30 PM when we reached there)..the ambience was nice, seating comfotable, starters were gud (but please dont order Nachos..its pathetic)..prawns and fish fingers were delicious (though the quantity was veryyyyy less, and prices..toooooooo high)..Since it ws Wednesday, they had bollywood karaoke..arnd 10, the restaurant was completely filled up..many people came on stage and sang..it was quite fun. The service was fast, and crowd - HOT :)

In short, One of the terrific restaurants i have been to so far (We four ran up a bill of 3500, which included drinks as well)


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