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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


A date with SP JAIN

I had been wanting to post this one for a long time, but 'excessive addiction 2 work' left with me no time and energy to write anything, aur kal to mera maun vrat tha..i mean aisey hi a thought struck me, ki main aaj kisi sey kuch nahi kahoonga, that i wl b quiet for the day...aur bas......

Khair again i m digressing....

My interview was on 12th Feb@Mumbai..i.e. a weekday and that also a tuesday...dont know wht the guys there thought.......salaa ofc main food poisoning ka bahanaa maarna padaa :)
I reached Mumbai on Mon nite, aur Tue subah tayar hokey reached the coll.....but to my utter disappointment i found the coll was even smaller than my hostel in DCE :| Its actually a 'small' part of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's campus. The interview started well on time. The first round was a GI.....which was quite a grilling round....We had an intro round first. One of the guys was dressed in a formals with a coat, while me and one more were dressed quite casually..(pants, shirt with no tie). He was asked what was his impression abt us, and if he has to chose a team..wud he select us..y or y not?
Another guy who was a fresher (but had brought sponsorship of 40 lakhs for his college event), was asked abt his interest in marketing.
Then my turn came..i was asked abt my day to day work routine and to justify how i can 'spend' the time 'efficiently'. Then i was asked that 2 yrs from now, how i want my visiting card to be like........
Another guy was asked abt his interest in cooking. Both the guy and the interviwers were Bengali and he was really grilled on his so called hobby. He was the only one (out of 6 of us) not selected for the 2nd round.
The 2nd round was also a GI. A guy with interest in marketing was asked to prepare a campaign 4 an Aids awareness programme....which segment he wud target and y..after he spoke, i ws asked whether the campaign wud work or not..i brought abt my own viewopoint to this.....then another guy with an interest in marketing was asked abt y marketing. He talked abt pursuing his family business in trading and carrying it to higher levels. Starting his own retail chain like provogue..after that he was really grilled like anything. I was asked y i switched from Environmental engg to Software and y MBA in Information Management. I was told that my profile didnt suit for an MBA in IM, and they wud consider me for marketing...so was i answered. I told them that i am flexible, and i like to try new things...for me this is an oppurtunity to learn, so SP JAIN, marketing..i wud definitely go for it.
Some more questions and the interview ended. Overall, i am quite satisfied, i was confident and could show them what i wanted to...but its still a tough competition. Only 1 out of 14 will be selected.

Dekho kya hota hai....the results wl b out in April..tab tak to its back to work :)


Ajay Reddy said...

sahi hai be your intvw sounds like it went good. all the best!

meet_me said...

hmm all the best!

Shankha said...


Arey u had a good interview.

Have my interview tomorrow. I just hope it goes off well.

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