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Salute 2 a great champion!

It was long wait for Vishawanathan Anand and for his millions of fans but the wait was definitely worth it. The Indian Grandmaster is the first non-Russian since 1972 to hold world rank no 1 and world title crown both at the same time. He is also the only man to win the crown undefeated in both knockout format (2000) and round robin event (2007). If world ranking is the barometer of a sportsman’s form and consistency then Anand has the distinction of being in the top three of the game for more than 10 years. His quick, instinctive style and success have combined to give Indian chess an idol unmatched in any other individual sport in the country. He has also acted as an inspiration for hundred’s others. Today India has 15 Grandmasters and several age-group champions, and every school child knows who provided this inspiration.

In an age of ephemeral celebrity worship, Anand stands, solitary and tall, on a summit that no other Indian is going to reach in a long time to come.

Chak De!

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Aditi said...

hmm a great feat indeed and thank u for acknowledging it

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