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An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Book Review

This word struck me when I ws thinking of writing a synopsis for the novel I finished reading yesterday…..and it took me 6 yrs in the past, when we used to write to POST A CARD - a letter based show hosted by Ria, and then later by Vandy, aired on AIR FM every Friday.

We used to write letters to them , which they aired out, the subjects varying from Debates on latest topics, to our grievances, fears and confusions, and also Book Reviews.

Huh..man I have had my share of nostalgic moments on the show J

So here I am posting a Book Review of

the Thing called LOVE – A novel by Turin

It’s a 200 novel, which I finished in record 4 days (bought it on Sunday, and completed it on Wed evening), yeah that’s a record as per my stds J

So whts special abt this novel…well …nothing, its like any Madhur Bhandharkar movie..providing insight into the murky lives of people working in a corporate world, about a Guy who falls in love with a married woman, about another guy who marries a gal whom he loves; but the girl had a past of her own; and was never able to get out of it, about a woman; who is unable to resist ‘friendship’ of a young guy, though she is married and has a world of her own.

But still, I found it very refreshing, and loved the way it flowed from one chapter to another. May b coz I had got so bored of reading serious+technical stuff that I was yearning for something like this.. something so common yet so different. And frankly speaking its much more worth than the 100 Rs it costs.. so if u feel game for this one..GO 4 IT.


adi said...

hmmm, i would love to give it a try d moment i get a brk frm my course books...
dee here.
using apke dost ka blog for sumtime :-)

Peenuts said...

Hi Dee, hw r u doing?
Alok ko ek jhappad lagana meri taraf sey ;)
Thanks in advance.


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