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I hate this novel

I finished reading THe Namesake, and all i can say is I hate It......... I hate it for the sad and gloomy theme it has, for the protagonists living a life of compromise all throughout this story..for Maushmi having an affair with someone else even though she got married 2 Gogol, I hate it for Gogol and Maushmi choosing to part their ways after having been married for two years, for Ashima to have suffered all through her life; in India and in America.....and most of all i hate it because somehow i cn see my life ending down the same drain, for i have a gut feeling that i too wudnt b able to keep my better half happy, that i wudnt be able 2 care for her enough, that i wud choose my career first. Thats y i hate the idea of marrying...so that i am not labelled as a failed father and a failed Husband........................ In the end I am glad this novel s over, i cudnt have suffered through it more.


adi said...

i loved namesake
both the movie and the novel
sometimes you have to bear the pain to value laughter

timora said...

i agree the book is not so memorable ass the movie is ..ode to Tabu..
jhumpa lahiri's book sure is a let down..her characters arent that well defined and are sketchy exccept gogol

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