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The sweetest luv story

The sweetest luv story
10/27/06 10:51 am

"Tu jo nahi hai to..kuch bhi nahinnnn hai..
Ye manaa ki mehfil jawaan hai, hasin hai.
..Tu jo nahi hai to... "

Was coming in auto..and just felt like humming this song...wonder y??

Anyways..wanted to share a joke:
Its called the sweetest love story:
"A boy proposed to a girl,
The girl said no and they lived happily ever after"

Heheheheheheh....sahi naa ;)


Anonymous said...

what a lovely joke =))


Anonymous said...

waise, would like to get more info about this song - wanna hear it as well... isliye bataiyega ...
take care

Ram said...

very true dude!!! :)

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