Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


That TIME has come AGAIN!

there s a cycle in my life which repeats after every 4-5 years.its the cycle that brings good and bad times..the first cycle (good phase) lasted till 6th..when i ws the topper in my school..the famous kid on the block (as in people knew me..though mujhe galiyan hi nikaltey they ki itna bada ghissu hai ;),teacher's favourite ..i didnt interact much, always preoccupied with studies, just had one frend and felt that ws enough
Then the "gud phase" ended..and brought troubles i wasnt prepared 2 face.My best frend left me, and i couldnt get over it. Just kept on trying 2 find the reason 4 six long years (i havent been able 2 decipher it yet). My rank slipped and for four years i ws a nobody. i hated myself and i hated the class i ws in..so much that i didnt even collect the grp photograph given 2 u at the end of tenth. But then i realised (my fm frends helped me a lot)thats life s much more than just a QUESTION.u hav 2 b the solution.
So everything changed..came 12th i proved my worth. I gt into DCE. i still m and wl always b proud of this fact. the gud phase that had begun in 12th ws going to last another 4 years. i learnt and i improved. though after 4 years i felt that a lot ws still left 2 b learned..but when i looked back (i.e. my diary i felt i hav achieved but i shudnt stop here..i hav 2 move on)

but i ws quite tense about the life after college..the good phase ws abt 2 end and i prepared myself 4 the worst. i came here and gt so much that i forgot all abt the gud and the bad..gud frends, excellent training. superb work culture..but then time doesnt spare anybody..isnt it

i gt posted at hyderabad..i have no work now, life has become a time pass and the whole purpose of y i joined this company seems to be gettin defeated and i am on the verge of losing one of my dearest frends :(

The bad phase has begun..m i PREPARED??


adi said...

gud phase or bad phase, some ppl. do remain wid u. always.

Anonymous said...

don't u worry, dear. what ur friend adi says is so right. the most important ppl. will remain with u always. ur family, best friends and ms. anonymous! so, cheer up!

Siddhartha rai said...

no work and nothing infront,good for you,atleast now you will get the taste of unkonwn.
but i guess you are still in some company,so why you think no work,there's lot of work, so get up and get going.

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