Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


i m feelin alone

hi frends!

yeah i know m writing after quite sometime (considering the fact that m such a chatter box ) but simply put i had nothing 2 say all these days..but on saturday i went 2 charminar and 2 Abids (its s shoppin mall) ..so hav lots n lots 2 tell u

well charminar..wht shud i say..one of the famous historical monuments of india reduced to no a status of "chauraha"(traffic junction)..yeah thats CHARMINAR..people hav spitted outside it, and inside it, paint s coming off the walls..i felt really sad nt just because of the state it ws in, but also because of the state i m in..wht cn i do..just sit on my comp and write..thats IT??????

neways..then i went shoppin..bought pearls 4 mom n sis (they r really nice..log aisey hi nahin kehtey ki hyd s the city of pearls

so kaafi masti ki mainey..came back at 10:30 pm, had my tiffin aur phir so gaya

par sahi bataoon m nt happy here..i guess this s nt my kind of city..v wre 10 people stayin together and had adjusted well 2 each other..par out of them 5 hav been posted somewhere else..sometimes i feel alone..really AlONE.. :( sometimes i really miss home, my hometown, saarey dost (woh fm frends ke get togethers..woh coll parties, wo infy aaney se pehle school ke dooston se milna, woh mysore main bitaye hue pal..huh)


Siddhartha rai said...

Forgive your past,past was beautiful.present is what you are
and future ,believe if you can.

enjoy the moments..

adi said...

fm frnds ke get togethers to mujhe nahin pata, but yes u do seem to miss other ppl.
chal dilli aa, phir dher saari baatein karenge...

Anonymous said...

DONT LIVE IN YOUR PAST... life is to enjoy...and honestl enjo..within yourself..i mean be satisfied,,,even with the pain god gives you. he has a reason why he chose you to share his own pain abt his children with you..just that he doesnt want to tell ou what his pain is...probably just reminds us that all his children have a habit of forgetting friends(just like we forget him)

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