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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.



Its 29th and I thought I wud share with some special people how my year has been so here it goeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

I thought I wud go through my diary and thn write but I find it hard 2 compress 300 pages into 3..i know even these 3 pages are going 2 b much harder 2 go though because its gonna b abt me me and meeee..but hope u wl like it.

Comes new year, comes January and comes 23rd ..not that there s anything special abt it (just my bday J ) but this day ws special this time..becoz I gt my first kiss..though a long distance one but still..hehehehhehe..this bday ws a lil different ..no hulla gulla or party..but the best part ws that all my friends called me up..potpourri, skool, coll..wow..i ws on phone 4 most of the time..even my parents had 2 say..ab bas bhi kar dey..kuch time hamarey saath bhi spend kar.Also a friend of mine called up after 3 yrs..i ws so surprised and happy at the same time.

Then I cleared my JMET MBA wriiten test and gt a call frm IIT KANPUR for GD/Interview. Preparing 4 it ws fun.Every nite in the hostel , after dinner I wud stir up some controversial topic and everyone wl get into debate…much 2 my delite..expressing one pt of view after another until they realized there ws no pt in discuusing it and then I wud run 4 my life..hehehehhehehehe

Though I cud nt clear the interview but still it ws a nice experience..wearing a TIE and a formal attire 4 the first time..i cudnt help laughing at myself when I saw myself in the mirror.

Feb, March passed quickly..final year project, Exams, and before we realized..it ws time 2 move on..I ws happy because it ws going to bring a change in my life (something which I just cant resist) but on the other hand I ws sad because I ws going away frm my friends, my family.

I reached Infosys Mysore on Aug 06,2005 and the frm the time I entered into the campus, every moment has been a moment worth living. The campus ws beautiful..i wud say it ws a dream come true for me..the work environment , the infra provided ws simply amazing..more than wht I had expected. But one thing ws missing..i found there ws a wall b/w me and my collegues and I longed for company (for the first month) but it may b the wall ws built by me because the moment I took the first step I ws surrounded by friends..so many..i never felt alone during my whole 4 and half months there. Infact I made some very gud friends..so less time and v all came so close..from having lunches together to hanging out, watching movies, THE DJ NIGHTS every moment has been special. I always wished that v wud get our posting together. (Couldn’t help being selfish) .But then the part I hate the most came..v all (but one) got posted at different places and that night I couldn’t sleep..it ws so hard to digest the fact that soon there wud b no more such lunches, the DJ parties wud never b the same. Knw wht..when I told my parents abt this, tears started rolling from my eyes..(very rare phenomenon indeed J ) . But then life s like that..AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the World is A Small Place..isnt it.

So now I am In Hyderabad..trying to settle down. V hav shifted to a new house and its to my liking..it wl take more time to BREAK THE WALL ;) but then that makes the coming year so much interesting.

So kaisi lagi meri daastaan..abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeyyyy ab apni kahani bhi jaldi se likh dooooooooo


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Anonymous said...

just coming back from vacations, one of the first thing one does is to read a dear friend's blog, just to find no mention of his/her in the whole year.

way to go, man!

mr. anonymous

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