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One Night@..

hi !

i dont know to whom m saying hi to..becoz i wonder if any body reads this blog but by chance if alok chances upon this one then this hi goes out to u..n if anybody else too reads this post..HIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

this is gonna b a really lonnnnng mail becoz feelings r just swirling inside me and i cant wait to let them out.

hmmmmm..so whats todays entry all about..its abt ONE NIGHT@CALL CENTRE..the second novel by chetan bhagat.

Most of the people i talked 2 found it Just another Novel..but i found it interesting..y becoz i could really relate 2 it..the character shyam..and i hated him 4 being what he was.

U know what..every one has big plans..and i m no exception..the better part is i hav even charted out a way 2 achieve them.Its no formula for instant success but i guess a really long journey which i seek to complete..but will i?????

Huh..all my insecurities came as i read this novel..wl i end up being a loser..losing out the girl i like, losing out on the expectations of my friends, my family, losing them all, ending up all alone with nothing but deep failures in front of me.......??

i so much hated Shyam..who s Shyam after all..well he calls himself a total loser n he is until the end..he has lost his gf, his boss s a gem of an asshole n he s submitted to his wishes..n he himself has no clue as wht n where life s gonna take him.

i used to think wht if i mess up "on the way" n here i cud put myself in his situation because this is exactly wht i dreaded ..man its so tough.

i came 2 mysore and made new friends..very gud friends.We eat n party together but after four months its time 2 leave..v wl get seperate postings n wl move 2 separate places..wl v b still in touch when v r so far apart, wl out friendship still b the same??
This s just wht i exactly felt when i ws going 2 leave school n then when farewell time came in college..but THEn..

i know i m not a loser n wl not b one becoz i hav trusted myself n my trust comes from my family and friends and i know they wud never leave me..they r my strength and until unless i hav their support no matter wht the world says i m not going 2 lose..thats 4 sure

btw the novel has a really unrealistic end..doesnt go with the story which sounds so realistic.

But anyways the book costs quite less so i wud say its worth READING.


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adi said...

even if u were to lose everything u r afraid of losing, tu wohi ka wohi pino rahega dumbo, the really important things will never be far from u, the family, the best buddies, sort of things u can bank upon, rest doesn't matter and there shuldnt be any fear of losing it...summary...just chill out u dumbo, have the time of ur life and do meet mr. murthy some day...adi

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