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The topic I m going discuss might seem a bit absurd n 2 much more some others 2 discuss .. so please accept my apologies in advance.

I ws just pondering over this question today(after reading a newspaper article on a divorce on he grounds of infidelity of the husband) that shud we mix “physical commitment” n luv.(Now that might seem a bit uncomfortable so if u don’t wanna reply to my mail its ok with me. )

i mean marriage n love is about bringing two souls together forever, binding them in an emotional commitment, that the husband n wife wl help n support each other in every hour of need.. then why that we allow petty issue such as “physical commitment” come in between such a beautiful relationship.

Consider this: when two people marry (assuming they marry around the age of 28)it is expected that they liv together 4 atleast 30 years. Now in these 30 yrs isn’t it 2 much 2 expect ur beloved ones to stay loyal 2 u for all this time. After all isn’t it human that a person might get infatuated by some one else.. though 4 a short time but still. I mean shuldnt v forgiv and let it go rather than make a big issue out of it.. after all it’s the luv that counts.. isn’t it.

If u feel that I hav crossed a line while discussing ths topic.. kindly don’t mind.. thank u n any n every response is welcome.


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shadows said...

sharing love ....that can be got by even ur friends....
hmm and yes infatuations do happen...but also infatuations do happen....but infatuations are more of a persons attractivity...mostly with things that are imaginary....i feel (u mite not agree) that love is 'over all'...even sexual...u knw the bodily satisfaction is a part of love...as the feeling is generated through attraction...what greater attraction than ur own lover?...
i know there are many relationships where physical comitment is not important....but whr the commitment does exist it is a matter of conscience that the commitment is not broken (its true for all other commitments too) but also i agree that a broken commitment is not an end all...a relationship demands "apologies" and "forgivness"...as long as apology is meant as an apology rather than just
a said word.
what if a partner is a habitual infedal? what if all he/she is doing is lying..would u or anybody like to stay in that kind relationship?
then we should introduce the system of a open marraige....what is a commitment that is made into a lie...a marraige is lot more complex than ppl think it is...
think abt that!

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