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An American Wedding

We have had a lot of experiences here during our 18 months stay. From  driving for 4 hrs non stop to staying in a campground.  From going to the top of a ski slope to snow tubing..life has been kind enough to bless us with tons of  wonderful moments. But this one will have its own special place.

My wife's colleague invited us to their son's wedding reception last Tuesday. We both had a lot of hitch as we had never attended an American wedding before. We debated entire Saturday on what gift should be give and then spent entire Sunday trying to find one. I had though of wearing a suit to the wedding but it just didn't fit (yeah my waist has been going uphill despite all my efforts). I finally wore a formal shirt and pants.

When we reached the venue we were quite surprised. The gathering was pretty small (around 150 people only). The venue was a nice garden but apart from a tent there wasn't much decoration (unlike Indian weddings which are so much of a show off). The bride and groom seemed to be content walking around by themselves, feeling content in each other's company. Unlike Indian wedding where the two hardly get any moment by themselves. People were very  simply and informally dressed. The menu wasn't elaborate either (unlike our weddings where the bride's family spend a fortune over it) but the items were tasty. We had the company of my wife's colleague and her husband and all the time we were talking about how the average weddings in Indian and American are so much different. They liked the idea of having such a party while we adored the simplicity of their weddings. I guess grass looks greener on the other side. Also not to forget..the reception got over in just over 2 hrs and that too in the evening unlike our weddings where its simply unimaginable.The bride and groom finally cut a delicious looking cake followed by cookies and desserts.

 M  thankful that we were invited and got to experience a beautiful wedding and an amazing contrast.

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