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The Six Suspects Reviewed

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Finished reading The Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup yesterday, second novel from author of famous Q&A, popularly known as Slumdog Millionaire.

The novel is quite similar to Q&A in the way it has been written. It begins with a murder scene, of a famous, rich and very corrupt industrialist. Their are six suspects including the victim's father. The novel then delves into the past of each of these suspects and how each of them had a motive to kill the victim. In all this 80% of the novel is over.

Then it comes to the present, and an investigative journalist reveals the secret, the identity of the killer-an xyz (one of the suspects) whose brother had been killed sometime back by the victim. Till then the novel seems realistic. But the next chapter shows that the killer is actually victim's sister. At this point novel seems to sound weird, and then again in the next chapter killer turns out to be someone else, who had absolutely no motive to kill the victim, except the fact that he wanted to cleanse the nation of corrupt politicians.

At this point i am like..wht is this!!! Yeah the novel is a too much of a fiction, specially the ending. I felt quite disappointed after reading it and wudnt recommend it either.

My rating 1.5/5

Review written by:Pushkin Gupta

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