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Guilty or not guilty!!

My chuddi buddi is nowadays being confronted with a situation which is making him feel guilty again and again. When he discussed his problem with me i had no answer to it, but since i very much want to help him out, i am posting his problem here. Hope some of you have an answer:

Chaddi buddy is an extremely sweet, simple person, very caring but unfortunately very
Unsophisticated, and unfortunately (or fortunately) he loves his un-sophisticated personality.

However this at times becomes a cause of embarrassment for his girlfriend. Also his girlfriend keeps on making him realise that she could have found a better person, but since he is so caring and is always there by her side, she never had a chance to let anybody else enter her life.

Chaadi baadi feels quite guilty because all this makes him feel that since has been so caring his gf now does not have the courage to hurt him, even if she s not happy with the situation.


How do we know said...

they need to have a heart to heart chat.. for both their sakes.. the gf cld use a little bit of the guilt trip too for what she is doing to ur cb, but thats not the point of the talk.. they shld talk abt whether they are the right ppl for each other.. at this point, and for all time to come.. if she wants sophistication, she ain't getting it here.. if he doesnt want to change, he might as well let go of a person who does not feel lucky to have someone who truly cares.. this needs some talking.

Also, impartially speaking, one thinks that the scales are tilted both ways.. the girl shld be happy to have someone who cares so much for her.. a lot of other women would like that.. and maybe ur cb should understand that appearences matter.. and that a little polish will not just help the gf reln, but him and his image a lot more in the long run... he may not keep this girl, but he will remember her for making him aware of the importance of polish in first impressions and casual social internactions..

Peenuts said...

Hmm..you are quite right..a little polishing wud b of quite some help for the guy..

Thanks for your advice.

Inner Beliefs said...

I truly agree with the above comment given by "How do we know.."
One thing to remember - relations always flourish if and only if taken care by both the parties... Both of them need to understand wat is imp for them.. being together and making each other happy by changing a bit or hurting each other directly or indirectly..

Anonymous said...

situations are never so easy. there might b hundreds of more variables involved in the picture. its easy to say as an outsider, wat shud be done n wat nt. bt its only ur chaddi baddi hu needs to think wich of these s a more valuable part of his life, the girl, or his unsophisticated personality? if he thinks letting go this girl for his personality, which actually a matter of pride for him, is worth it, let her go. thr will b a lady hu'll accept him as he s.
but if he think she s the one, doing things for her, which are actually just for his long term benefit, is rather an opportunity, nt a pt of conflict.

Peenuts said...

Anonymous, what the guy wants is to retain his 'personality' and that girl both. It was never a question of making a choice for him. You are right that this is an opportunity, and should be made a point of conflict, but unfortunately things are not turning out that ways.

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