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Movie Review - Manorama Six Feet Under

With no new movies being released, and plenty of time at my disposal i have started watched old movies (by old i mean those released in 2006 and later).

Today i watched Manorama Six Feet Under starring Abhay Deol, Raima Sen and Gul Panag...may b my expectations from the movie were quite low..coz even though this movie raked in only 2 to 2.5 stars(as per rediff and other sites), i really liked it.

Gul Panag as the typical housewife, Raima Sen set out to decieve S.V, and S.V. (a writer turned detective) played by Abhay (He s surely on the way to become my all time fav). The movie had the right mix of mystery (and no songs thankfully) to keep me interested and the ending was quite apt..the message of the movie - Everything that we do is to have more power, but in the end we end up being caught in the whole circle itself.

A movie worth watching.

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Shankha said...

even i liked the movie

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