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Heart has its reason which reason knows nothing of

The title is a reference to a very Schopenhauerian expression in Blaise Pascal’s Pensées: “The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing”. In original French: “Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas.”
A nice statement and I hope I understand it the way it should be understood :)Here the word "reason" has two meanings :in the first part of the sentence (before "which") "reason" means a cause, intention,in the second part "reason" means rationality, common sense, logical thinking,
The heart dwells on things that are illogical. It senses what cannot be seen and thereby makes its decisions on what it feels and not on what the eyes see. As there is no rational explaination for what the heart feels, it makes things all the more complex.
For example :
The mind wants you to be happy in materialistic achievements, in being on the ‘safer’ side, in being content with goals that ‘seem possible’ to achieve; in leading the same monotonous though risk free, well paying life, but ur heart doesn’t denies you satisfaction. Day after day passes on, we continue to be a slave of our mind, but in our heart the guilt keeps on increasing..the guilt of binding ourselves, the guilt of not chasing our dreams.. of not giving them a chance.. of being bogged down by the fact that our dreams mite never come true. The mind knows that the risk in pursuing is enormous, and hence not reasonable. But the heart is unreasonable..isnt it?

The heart says that you are incomplete without the girl you love, that u want to be with her always..but the mind says that if the girl doesn’t want so, you may have to live incomplete all ur life, and that life still has to move on. The heart wishes that time stops, that you could undo what u did, that u shud have never fallen in love… the mind knows its too late. But the heart is unreasonable.. isnt it?


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