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Resturant Reviews - Pune

Here s a review of the restaurants i have visited during my stay in Pune since last April....
The review is purely based on personal experience.

Up & Above, Chandni Chowk

Food : Horrible
Service : Terrible
Ambience : Ok

We had ordered for Dal Makhani (which from no angle looked like that), and Spicy Chicken..which tasted sweet. HUh.. When we called the mgr, he said.."Yahan aisa hi khana banta hai"....Wasted 1200 bucks for 3 horrible dishes.

Ambrosia, Chandni Chowk

Food : Excellent
Service : Good
Ambience : Wonderful...we sat by the pool side, and the weather was a bit cold, so it added to the beauty.

Mirchi Kola, MG Road

Food : Excellent
Service : Good
Ambience : OK

The food, specially the starters are their USP. They serve u paan in the end..Really liked that.

Soul, Koregaon Park

Food : Ok
Service : Poor
Ambience : Excellent
Crowd: Mind Blowing

The crowd and the ambience is a reason enuf to make u go there...the babes there r so soooo Hot :)

Shatranj, Koregaon Park

Food : Gud
Service : Gud
Ambience : Gud

An open air garden resturant, with gud service, and gud food...i had chicken and fish pomfret.
But overall there s nothing special abt this restaurant.
The Great Punjab, Koregaon Park

Food : Excellent
Service : Gud
Ambience : Gud

Try out the Gulab Jamun ice cream..its too delicious :)

Oriental Stir Kitchen, Koregaon Park

Food : Gud, Menu has good variety of options
Service : Gud
Ambience : Ok, a bit cramped

P.S The desserts have attractive names, but r horrible..dont even think of tryin them....it wl b a total waste of money..

Charcoal, MG Road

Food : Bad, menu has almost no options
Service : Too slow
Ambience : Nothin gr8

Apart from that its costly too ...a waste of money....is wht i felt.

La Brassiere (Le Meridian), Near Pune Station

Food : Good. Salads and Desserts were awesome. But main course was just ok, with not too many options
Service : It was a buffet system so cudnt 'test' the service :)
Ambience : It's a five star hotel...the ambience has to be gr8, and the crowd..HOTTTTTTTTTT :P
But overall i dont feel it ws worth the 650 rs i had spent on it.

Kobe Sizzlers, Law College Road

Food : Menu seems to have a lot of options...par frankly speaking i found everything the same..wahi ubli hui sabjiyan, grated potato..wahi taste in all the 'different' dishes. Infact we had one extra coupon (yes we got free coupons from office), but no body wanted to come back there again.
Service : Gud
Ambience : Congested

Sukanta, Deccan

Food : It has a thali system (Gujarati & Rajasthani style mix). I liked the way they serve you...as soon as ur katori empties they come n fill it and they make u eat untill ur stomach s abt to burst :)
Service : Gud
Ambience : Nice

Worth a try.

Manmeet, FC Road

Food : Gud
Service : Slow
Ambience : Ordinary
Crowd : Hot

Chat and choley pathuraey r gud..Dont miss out on Rabdi Faluda either.

Chaitanya's, FC Road

If r stayin in Pune and u havent tasted the paranthas here, u hav definitely missed something important.

Panchvati, FC Road

Same concept as Sukanta....its ambience is better but Sukanta is definitely more economical.

Have visited some other resturants too, reviews of which i wl b posting later...Till then Happy Eating :)

Latest Review:

Mainland China, Senapati Bapat Road

Food : Ok..typical Chinese..doest suit my taste buds
Service : Impressive.. we had ordered for 'steamed' momos which were served to us 'ice cold'. I brought this to the manager's notice, and the we were served a new dish :)
Ambience : Excellent..ideal for a couple...(main as a couple nahi gaya to kya, i felt this :) :)
Crowd : Guud

Try out the desserts...there are plenty of gud options.

Bamboo House, Shivaji Nagar

Food : Served cold, non veg was especially bad. People did praise the veg stuff though
Service : Ok..nothin special abt it
Ambience : Fine..nothin worth mentioning abt
Crowd : Average..sort of crowded.

Try at ur own risk

Happy Singh, Andheri, Mumbai

Food : Excellent. I had sarso ka saag and makki ki roti, and was superb.
Service : Gud..in one word..Efficient.
Ambience : Gud..Innovative.. but
the loo s in very bad condition :(
Crowd : Good..

A must try...I had the thali which was very gud, and at 150 Rs..it was damn cheap.

Soho, Kalyani Nagar

Food : Good. Starters, and main course was good
Service : Gud..but not effective..if u go in a large group, they..to my surprise..dont serve :(
Ambience : Nice..Open air....with dim lights and music

Crowd : Hot :) :)

A bit costly than what it deserves to be.

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